Move over Lance Armstrong. Public relations may be headed for a doping scandal of its own. That’s the kind of advantage the injection of digital communications is giving public relations.

Welcome to the first post in my new blog, Digitally Powered PR. I’ll be sharing my observations and experiences about the incredible transformation of the public relations professional driven by the emergence of communications technologies Ivy Lee could never have imagined. The tablet I’m writing this post on is an amazing distribution point for news and information. Social media unlocks the ability to interact with target publics that would have required days and weeks of effort only a few years ago. Even the concept of blogging — being able to self publish your opinions and share them instantly around the world — was unthinkable.

In Digitally Powered PR, I’ll be chronicling examples of cutting edge practices that leverage digital communications. I’ll offer tips and advice based on my experiences practicing public relations in a digitally integrated marketing communications agency. I’ll share my opinions on how digital technology is changing relationships between organizations and their publics.  I’ll also be pointing out how the foundation of this noble profession — listening that allows effective two-way communications — is flourishing or being forgotten during this digital revolution.

It’s an amazing time to be working in public relations. When you compare the business we’re in today to the one I entered 25 years ago, we’ve got so much more power and potential, it feels like we’re cheating.


Greg Loh is the managing partner of public relations and public affairs at Eric Mower + Associates, one of the nation’s leading independent marketing communications agencies. Views expressed here are his own and do not reflect the opinions of EMA.