My colleague, Steve Bell, was right in his Sunday, Nov. 4 blog post about the late decision to cancel the New York City Marathon. New York Times coverage on Wednesday shows how the organizers of the marathon are still suffering from their decision-making. Steve’s point of view is well worth reblogging here. Read more of Steve’s thoughts on crisis management in the digital age at

Steve on Crisis

We’ve written here in the last week about the deserved kudos for the quality leadership of the Northeast’s elected leaders, especially those in the New family, York and Jersey. Among the best was New York City Mike Bloomberg, who also managed to leverage a presidential endorsement into his dire warnings of storm damage.

But Bloomberg, who is first and always a capitalist, let the promised millions derived from the New York City Marathon muddle his values — and his crisis management chops. The marathon should have been cancelled Wednesday or Thursday, at the latest. Was there any doubt after the attacks of 9/11 that the NFL would cancel that Sunday’s and Monday’s games out of respect?

And it should have been the same result, nothing begrudging and pressured, in this case for the mayor and the New York Roadrunners Club, the marathon’s owner. Not only out of respect for those who died in Sandy’s wrath, not…

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